Candied Nuts: An Easy and Delicious Holiday Snack

Everyone has at least one guilty food pleasure. Most of mine include large amounts of butter, chocolate, or sugar. If you’re like me and love that last category, then you’ll love this: candied nuts.

I’m sure you’ve had them before. Almost every mall I’ve been in has had a candied nut stand. I always liked candied nuts, but I could rarely ever justify the cost. One day, I asked myself: why don’t you just make them yourself?

It seemed like a bad idea. I assumed that candied anything would either be hard to make or hard to clean up. I went to my trusty and searched. I finally picked out a recipe for candied pecans and went with it.

Oh my gosh, am I glad I did.

It really was very simple. It’s just about a pound of nuts, one egg white, and sugar to taste. You whisk the egg whites until stiff peaks form, add some sugar, and fold in the nuts. Lay it out on a parchment paper lined baking sheet and bake at 275 for at least half an hour. You should stir it every ten to fifteen minutes to ensure that all the nuts are baked evenly. I like to cook mine at a lower temperature for longer so they’re softer, but that’s just me. The cleanup was easy too. Since you lined the baking sheets, you just pull the paper up and throw it away.

All in all, homemade candied nuts are very simple and very inexpensive compared to what you would pay for them in stores! Also, they make great gifts (especially at the last minute).


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